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We are a 10 month, full time, character building discipleship training opportunity

The Master’s Commission will provide young men and women the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Those prepared to lead will develop the heart of a servant. By abandoning yourself to pursue the Kingdom of God through a disciplined lifestyle of prayer, worship, Bible study, practical service, and a Godly work ethic you will be propelled into a greenhouse of spiritual growth and maturity.

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




Paul and Shelly Militsala


Together, Paul and Shelly have ministered extensively at Fort Road Victory Church over the past 20 years. Their passion to know God and make Him known across the world encompasses their vision for MC Edmonton.




Paul Militsala

To discipline and train young adults to pursue and fulfill the call and purpose of God for their lives requires one who has gone through that intensive process. Paul knows the value of that process having gone through university and college with discipleship intervarsity groups such as Navigators Canada, and Campus Crusade for Christ. He started ministry with  Shelly in 1996 as a Youth and Worship Pastor.

Always involved with training and mentoring, it became a natural progression for him to be the Associate and later the Senior Pastor of Fort Road Victory Church. He continues to lead and train extensively in the area of worship and discipleship teaching in churches, and bible colleges nationally and internationally. His desire is to see the next generation take hold of their destiny as men and women of unshakable faith to do mighty exploits for the Kingdom and raise up passionate disciples to fulfill the Great Commission.

Shelly Militsala

Loving God and loving people is what Shelly Militsala is all about. Whether speaking to a room full of people or sitting down for a cup of coffee, Shelly is genuine and honest about life. Her heart for families, her mentoring spirit, and passion to see people fulfill their dreams is evident in everything she does.

Shelly has an administration and leadership background and has been actively involved in the leadership of the Worship, Women’s Ministry, and Children’s Ministry departments for over 20 years. In 2008, she became assistant Pastor of Fort Road Victory Church. She is the director of True Beauty Girls Conference and is instrumental in coordinating different community and international outreaches to minister practically, relationally and spiritually to all ages.


The staff of Masters Commission Edmonton are passionate about discipleship and committed to empowering leaders that will influence their generation. They have a hand in everything from managing all the details of the office to mentoring and discipline the students.


Interns are students who have chosen to go through a second year because they have caught the burden of discipleship and want to impart the vision of Masters Commission to this year’s class. They have the opportunity to serve and to learn first-hand how discipleship works. They mentor students, have various office tasks, and a sit in on class on a weekly basis.



I gained perspective for my life that enables me to grow in who I am in Jesus, and become who he made me to be. I am loved because of who Jesus is, and there is nothing I can ever do to earn that love.

Trisha Ducusin, MC Alumni

I went from being hopeless, hurting, and angry to being confident, restored, and patient. I’ve realized my purpose thanks to what God has done in my life through the MC program.

Quinn Greer, MC Alumni

I realized that Jesus is so real, He loves me so much and He is unlike any other friend I will ever have.

Chris MacAulay, MC Graduate

I am grateful for the time I spent there and the preparation that it gave me to make it in this world!

Melanie Loewen, MC Graduate

If you want change in your life, come to the Master’s Commission and let God work in your life

Joel Tarzwell, MC Graduate


New Year, New Us

Happy New Year! (We’re a week late I know but better late than never) Its a new year but we are the still the same program, if you have been following us on social media you might have been seeing that we have made some exciting changes. We now have a new logo and name

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Tis the Season

Hi everyone! Who is excited for Christmas? I know I am! Its a pretty busy season full of Christmas shopping, decorating and endless amounts of Christmas parties! But despite all the busyness it is one of my favourite times of the year, its great to have the opportunity to see friends and family and celebrate

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Pastoral Reference

This is just the Pastoral Reference Form, which is also included in the application package:

Parental or Guardian Reference

The Parental or Guardian Reference form:

Mentor Reference

This is the Mentor Reference document, for your convenience:

Student Handbook

MCE policy guide for students.  Get the full 411:

Application Checklist

A handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your application:

Houseparent Manual

The home away from home.  Find out what being a houseparent is all about:

MCE Application Form

MCE 2015 Application FormFor completionists – All of the required application/info forms in one PDF

Biographical Statement 

Let us get to know you better…

Medical Treatment Consent Form

Should you need medical attention and we cannot contact a parent or guardian, this form allows medical personnel to treat you.



You are welcome!

Here is some of the information that you will need to know in order to come into the country. This list includes documents you will receive from us, that you NEED to present at the border.

We Provide:

  1. Border Letter
    • Letter for Canada Immigration informing them of the jurisdiction that allows you into the country.
  2. Housing Letter
    • States where you will be living for the year.
  3. Acceptance Letter
    • Includes the dates of the program and expectations upon entry.
  4. Proof of Payment
    • We provide a receipt indicating that you have paid in full for the year. This will be given upon receiving payment.


You Provide:

  1. Proof of medical coverage (medical insurance) for the year. This can either be a copy of the policy or statement of whose coverage you are under. This applies when you are still covered on your parent’s plan.
  2. Passport and/or enhanced ID that has an expiry date beyond the duration of your stay in Canada.



You are responsible for your tuition of $5300 and $200/month in support. Our program provides housing, which includes meals and other household amenities, however, students are required to have a maximum of $200/month in support for personal items and expenses.

For more details, please see the checklists below.

American Students

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Filipino Students

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International Students

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Fundraising - Help Us Help You

Masters Commission Edmonton is constantly investigating other sources of income in order to keep tuition costs affordable. Garage sales, bottle drives and chocolate sales have been standard sources for acquiring extra funds. Each week you will find the team doing some sort of fundraiser in the community. You can hire the team to do temporary manual labor projects, yard clean up, babysitting services, etc. We provide our own WBC coverage. Arrangements regarding payment for services rendered can be made with our office or if you choose to make a donation towards the program, Tax receiptable Donor receipts will be issued at year end. Contact MC Edmonton to see how your company can benefit by using affordable temporary labor.




We believe at Master’s Commission Edmonton:

1. In one true and living God externally existing and revealed to us as the Father, creator of all living things; the son, Jesus Christ, God incarnate; and the Holy Spirit. 

2. In the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, death for our sins, bodily resurrection, ascension under God, and imminent return in power and glory.

3. The scriptures are the inspired and complete revelation of God’s will concerning man’s salvation through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

4. That men are saved solely through faith in God’s grace as displayed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

5. In water baptism as a public declaration that a believer has died with Christ and risen with Him to walk a life of holiness and love.

6. In the unity of all true believers as members of the universal body of Christ regardless of denominational affiliation.

7. In the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as a remembrance of Jesus.

8. In the ministry of the Holy Spirit:

a. By the inward witness of salvation to the believer.

b. By daily guidance and growth of Christ-like  character.

c. By the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and experience  distinct from and following the new birth, evidenced initially by speaking with other tongues, and subsequently by the manifestation of spiritual power in the public testimony and service.

d. By the manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.

9. That Jesus Christ is coming again to gather all His saints unto Himself. Those who have not accepted His redemptive work on their behalf will suffer separation from the Godhead eternally.

10. That following His return, Jesus Christ will rule and reign for one thousand years on earth. After this there will be a new heaven and a new earth.


If you would like more information,
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Master’s Commission Edmonton is a gateway to a better life in Christ.

Master’s Commission Edmonton
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